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Do you believe data should drive decision-making? That communities should have a say in the decisions that affect them? That meaningful and systemic change is possible?

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Senior Researcher

We are seeking a high-level researcher to join our team. This is an opportunity to serve as lead or co-lead researcher on rigorous studies of broad complexity and impact, in partnership with government and non-profit partners. It also offers the opportunity to serve as lead or sole author on academic papers coming out of the research studies conducted under the Possibility Lab. The ideal candidate will have experience with data visualization, including the ability to create interactive data dashboards and other creative data tools and visuals that help diverse stakeholders understand data and results.

At the Possibility Lab, we believe that communities need to have a voice in the policies that affect them. We are part of a national movement to mobilize rigorous community-engaged, data-driven innovation for the public good. By facilitating on-going partnerships between public sector changemakers and academic research teams, we’re able to undertake big questions that cut across traditional boundaries.

Projects cover a range of topics, from criminal justice to housing and public health, with a focus on data-driven public policy that is co-designed in collaboration with government and non-profit partners. These partnerships often involve descriptive data analysis of large administrative data, conducting and analyzing surveys, and designing and implementing randomized controlled trials (RCTs)

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