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Why become a partner?

Have a question you need answered or a problem you need solved? Wish you had data on the impact of a program, policy, or innovation? We want to help.

Finding solutions to complex problems requires bringing together multiple perspectives and varied expertise.  At the Possibility Lab, we’re here to support your ideas and innovations. Combining your subject matter expertise with our research capacity, we’ll help fine-tune your goals, engage community stakeholders, gather solid evidence, and conduct rigorous evaluation. Together with our partners, we aim to demonstrate the possibilities when we embrace new ways of approaching long-standing problems.

Why data-driven innovation?

Testing new ideas requires taking chances. Evidence-based practice and data-driven decision-making can help mitigate risk by ensuring that each step of the process is objectively considered and fully informed. We strive to be innovative in the ways we collect and use data, and to provide ‘proof of concept’ for replicable, scalable and potentially transformative ideas.

What types of projects do we take on?

We look for projects that can help us learn about an innovative policy, program, or practice aimed at addressing a pressing societal challenge. Our projects are designed in partnership with stakeholders, including affected communities, allowing new possibilities to emerge and illuminate the way forward.

How can we work together?

Possibility Lab projects are co-designed and carried out as a partnership between our research team and public agencies, non-profits, or community organizations. By working together, we can ensure that innovations are feasible in the short term, scalable in the future, and make meaningful progress towards systemic change. Depending on the project, the Possibility Lab might take a leading, supporting, design, implementation, evaluation, and/or dissemination and scale-up role. Basically, there are lots of different ways for us to collaborate! If you’d like to explore how we might work together, please contact us.

“Our survey allowed officers to see they were not alone and openly begin the conversation ‘we are not ok,’ which has been a catalyst for the advancement of correctional wellness efforts in California and the nation.”

Stephen Walker

Director, Correctional Health

California Correctional Peace Officers Association (CCPOA)

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