Ian Mulholland

Graduate Student Researcher

Ian Mulholland designs, implements, and measures strategies to democratize data and impact measurement tools for social entrepreneurs, NGOs, and grassroots organizations. He has built several impact measurement and monitoring and evaluation systems and works closely with communities to ensure project goals meet the needs of the people they are affecting. 

Ian is currently a graduate student in the Master of Information Management and Systems program at Berkeley’s School of Information, where he is specializing in ICT for Development and machine learning in order to build transformational, inferential impact measurement tools in the social and public interest sector.

Most recently, Ian worked with hundreds of social entrepreneurs across the globe through MIT Solve to design, define, and measure the impact strategies of community-led solutions. Ian also worked in India for three years with SEWA, leading the impact measurement work of projects across financial, health, education, and livelihood spaces that affected over 1.5 million people. Ian’s research interests are rooted in providing actionable solutions to bridge the gap between people and policy. He has co-authored and published several white papers and articles on topics ranging from integrating Ayurvedic providers into the Indian healthcare system, designing frameworks for evaluating technology solutions in nonprofits, and building methodologies for effective cooperatives for informal sector workers. 

Ian grew up in Boston, is a two-time Space Camp alumnus, a Red Sox season ticket holder, and collects baseball cards like they are going out of style. He earned Bachelor of Arts degrees from The Ohio State University in International Studies and Economics and spends his Saturdays in the Fall watching the Buckeyes.