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Policy Briefs

Examining Racial Disparities in California Criminal Record Clearance

The Persistence of Racial Disparities Following State Prison Reform

Violence, Management, and Correctional Officer Mental Health

The Effects of College Behind Bars

Best Practices in Prison Higher Education

Connecting Families to their Stimulus Payments

Data Sets

California Policy Lab: Department of Social Services Data

Vera Institute of Justice: Incarceration Trends

University of California Berkeley: Campus Policing Survey

University of California Santa Cruz: Campus Policing Survey

Kaiser Family Foundation: Health Insurance Coverage

California Correctional Officer Survey: Baseline

California Correctional Officer Survey: Mental Health

California Correctional Officer Survey: COVID-19

Research Reports

UC Berkeley Community Policing Survey

UC Santa Cruz Community Policing Survey

Prison University Project Program Evaluation Progress Report

The Prison University Project: Qualitative Evidence on the Impact of Prison Higher Education

Officer Health and Wellness: Results from the California Correctional Officer Survey

Concrete Policy and Correctional Philosophy: Attitudes of California Correctional Officers Towards Rehabilitation

Violence and Safety Report: Experiences of California Correctional Officers

California State Prisons During the COVID-19 Pandemic

Understanding the Landscape of Prison Higher Education

Working Papers

Beyond Pell Restoration: Addressing Persistent Funding Challenges in Prison Higher Education Toward Racial and Economic Justice. Working Paper. Erin Castro, Caisa Royer, Amy Lerman, and Mary Gould.

Racial Threat, Demographic Change, and Police Calls for Service. Working Paper. Amy Lerman, Alyssa Mooney, and Alexander Sahn.

The Impacts of Implementation: Local Variation in State Policy Reform. Working Paper. Amy Lerman and Alyssa Mooney.

How Hinging Eligibility for Reforms on Criminal History Favors White Americans: The Case of California’s Public Safety Realignment. Working paper. Alyssa Skog, Alissa Mooney, and Amy Lerman.

Racial Equity in Eligibility for a Clean Slate under Automatic Criminal Record Relief Laws. Working Paper. Alyssa Mooney, Alissa Skog, and Amy Lerman.

Reimagining (Measurement of) Public Safety: Defining “Community” in Participatory Research. Working Paper. Naomi Levy, Amy Lerman, Peter Dixon, and Karalyn Lacey.

Race, Place, and Policy Change: Variation in the Effects of Urban Criminal Justice Reform. Working Paper. Amy Lerman and Alyssa Mooney.

Academic Papers

The Effects of Post-release Community Supervision Reform
Lerman AE, Sadin M, Morrison W, Wieselthier J. 2022. Journal of Experimental Criminology .

Pleading for Justice: Bullpen Therapy, Pre-Trial Detention, and Plea Bargains in American Courts
Lerman AE, Green AL, & Dominguez P. March 2021. Crime & Delinquency.

The Downside of Downsizing: Persistence of Racial Disparities Following State Prison Reform
Lerman AE and Mooney AC. April 2021. Punishment & Society.

Clarifying the Role of Officer Coping on Turnover in Corrections Harney, J. and Lerman, A. 2021. Criminal Justice Studies.

Prisons and Mental Health: Violence, Organizational Support, and the Effects of Correctional Work Lerman, AE, Harney, J. & Sadin, M. 2021. Criminal Justice & Behavior 49(2):191-199.

The Pandemic in Prison: Implications for California Politics and Policymaking
Lerman, AE and Harney, J. 2020. California Journal of Politics and Policy, 12(1).

Where Policies and Politics Diverge: Awareness, Assessments, and Attribution in The ACA
Lerman, AE & Trachtman, S. 2020. Public Opinion Quarterly, 84(2):419–445.

Policy Uptake as Political Behavior: Evidence from the Affordable Care Act
Lerman, A., Sadin, M., & Trachtman, S. 2017. American Political Science Review, 111(4):755-770.

Does the Front Line Reflect the Party Line? The Politicization of Punishment and Prison Officers’ Perspectives Towards Incarceration Lerman, A. and Page, J. 2015. The British Journal of Criminology 56(3): 578–601.

Arresting Citizenship: The Democratic Consequences of American Crime Control. Lerman, AE. 2014. The University of Chicago Press.

The State of the Job: An Embedded Work Role Perspective on Prison Officer Attitudes Lerman, AE. and Page, J. 2012. Punishment & Society .