Abundance Accelerator


Housing and Energy Innovations

We are currently seeking to support innovations in community engagement that facilitate fast and equitable production of housing and  energy—two essentials our Accelerator will focus on in the coming years. This request for proposals invites community organizations, academics, and city, county, and state agencies to think creatively about these issues and pilot tangible, impactful, and innovative solutions. Applications will be reviewed on a rolling basis.

Request for Proposals:

Innovations in Engaging Communities in Planning, Siting, and Permitting of Renewable Energy

Seeking to fund pilot projects that develop and test innovative methods for community engagement related to addressing the challenges and opportunities of green energy development, including host community benefits, tax revenues or other revenue structures, zoning, site design, project governance structures, and permit processes.

Request for Proposals:

Innovations in Engaging Communities in Local Policy Development and Planning for Increased Housing Production

Seeking to fund pilot projects that develop and test innovative methods for community engagement with the potential to meaningfully bring residents into the conversation in a way that is more conducive to the development of much-needed stable housing.

Replay: Housing & Energy RFP Informational Webinars

Watch (or re-watch) our information sessions outlining and answering questions about the housing and energy RFPs and application process.

Frequently asked questions

Submissions will be accepted on a rolling basis. If invited to submit a full proposal, applicants will be notified within 10 days of Letter of Intent submission. Full proposals will then be required within 30 days of notification.
We strongly encourage projects that include partnerships between community members, community-based organizations, local or state governments, tribes, and/or academic institutions. While we prefer projects located in California, we will review proposals for projects located elsewhere.

The Abundance Accelerator is an initiative of the Possibility Lab at the University of California. We are leveraging applied research and community-building to promote government policies that will expand California’s capacity to sustainably supply essential resources, goods, and services to every community. Together with a growing network of partners, we’re building a community of practice to design, pilot, and scale a fundamentals-first abundance policy agenda for the state of California. Read more here.

Grants from this RFP will be in the range of $20,000-$200,000.

If you have questions about this RFP or the application process, please contact us at possibilitylab@berkeley.edu

The period of performance of any projects resulting from this RFP has a required end date of no later than August 2026.

Applicants are encouraged to submit a brief (two-page maximum) Letter of Intent documenting:

  • Project objective(s) and brief context
  • Implementation plan and/or research methods, if relevant
  • Expected outcomes
  • Participating organizations and key team members
  • Requested funding amount and proposed period of performance
For more information

or assistance with this RFP, please contact us at possibilitylab@berkeley.edu