Too often we think about public policy as something the government does. But in a democracy, it’s something we as a society do, together.

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California’s Racial Equity Commission
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California Cradle to Career Data System
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CA v. Hate Reporting on Hate Crimes
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Council on Criminal Justice and Behavioral Health (CCJBH)
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Department of Violence Prevention City of Oakland
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California Labor and Workforce Development Agency (LWDA)
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Communities most directly harmed by broken systems are often left out of conversations about how to make change. Developing new ways to ensure communities have a meaningful voice in the policies that affect them can move us towards a more holistic, stakeholder-engaged reimagining of our public systems.

Featured Engagement Projects

How can government partner with community organizations to more effectively reach underserved populations?

How would we measure “safety” if it was defined by communities themselves?

How can we better support people transitioning from homelessness to supportive housing?


When government changemakers and community members are equipped with skills, networks, and data, they are in a unique position to problem-solve together: identifying pain points, sourcing potential solutions, testing promising interventions, and inviting continuous innovation and recalibration.

Featured Empowerment Projects

How does prison research change when incarcerated people lead the research effort?

Can innovations in community supervision improve re-entry outcomes?

How does exposure to violence affect law enforcement officers’ mental health?


Data-driven policymaking can ensure that all communities are well-served by their government, by rising above ideological arguments of the political moment, shining a light on disparities and systemic inequalities, and helping policymakers avoid unintended consequences that disproportionately affect marginalized communities. ​

Featured Equity Projects

Can better data help improve educational outcomes?

How should we measure and evaluate equity in public service delivery?

What are the opportunities and challenges of expanding Pell Grants?

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