How can we better understand racial equity strategies at state agencies and departments in California?

In September 2022, Governor Gavin Newsom’s Executive Order 16-22 directed California’s state agencies and departments to take additional actions aimed at embedding racial equity analysis and considerations into their mission, policies, and practices. As part of these efforts, agencies and departments will incorporate more inclusive public engagement and data analysis to better serve all Californians. The Executive Order also established California’s first Racial Equity Commission to disseminate systems-level resources, evidence-based practices, and tools for advancing racial equity statewide, including developing a Racial Equity Framework.

The Possibility Lab is partnering with the Commission to help inform their Racial Equity Framework. As part of this work, the Lab will be conducting an asset analysis across the state. The asset analysis will involve a statewide survey and key informant interviews conducted by the Possibility Lab and the Public Health Institute, with the goal of ensuring the Framework is complementary and supportive of existing efforts. The asset analysis builds on initial findings from a review of state legislation, executive orders, administrative policies, and state websites carried out by the Possibility Lab, which assessed publicly-available information on state efforts focused on the advancement of racial equity. Survey participants will have the opportunity to share perspectives on key aspects of the racial equity in the state of California. 

In addition, the project team will engage select agencies or departments in structured conversations to uncover additional tools and resources that may not have been identified from publicly available information, providing additional detailed insights into key areas to be covered in the Framework (data collection and evaluation, budget equity, community engagement, etc.). 

Visit the Racial Equity Commission website to learn more about their ongoing work.


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