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Kate Sadowsky
Director, Community Outreach

Kate Sadowsky takes a nontraditional, swiss army knife approach to communications and likes to consider herself a professional Figure-It-Out-er.

At the age of nine, her Barbies had a newsletter and a distribution network. Since then, she’s created dozens of briefs and managed teams of [human] writers to land content at the top of the SERP, not just on the kitchen table. She spent most of her career engaged in the difficult life conversations most people prefer to avoid: through direct service and program management in high school health clinics, chronic pain management, and end-of-life care. Along the way she realized the power of story and connection, which eventually became the power of web copy, email funnels, emotionally-compelling scripts, and brand messaging.

Kate specializes in helping organizations develop and elevate their voice and mission: planning content strategies to mobilize the power of words, images, stories, and education to inspire meaningful action.

Along her creative path, she managed the Plant recording studio, coordinated hospice volunteer programs for Zen Hospice Project, was part of a pilot team for a virtual cognitive behavioral therapy-based weight loss program, trained to become a Buddhist chaplain, taught meditation and stress reduction in corporate settings, worked as a voice actor, mentored foster youth, was a copywriter for a backroads motorcycle map company, worked as a massage therapist, studied Ayurvedic medicine in a traditional gurukula, apprenticed with a Zen priest serving people with chronic pain, taught massage for elderly and terminally ill clients, helped develop a platform for Ayurveda telehealth, developed quantitative standards for health coaches for an online diabetes prevention start-up, created online courses for digestive health and autoimmune disease management, and developed branding, packaging, naming, and messaging for health and wellness start-ups.

Somewhere in her home, there’s a drawer containing various degrees: a Bachelors of Music from Berklee College of Music, a Masters Degree in Holistic Health Education, and a certificate awarding her the title Vaidya Bhushana for five years of study in clinical Ayurveda.