Contact Info
Lindsay Maple
Director of Projects & Planning

Lindsay Maple is the Director of Projects & Planning at the Possibility Lab. Previously, Lindsay served as the Deputy Director of Research for the California 100 initiative and spent 4 years with the California State Auditor’s Office developing actionable policy recommendations for some of California’s most critical and pressing issues. As a Senior Auditor, Lindsay led performance evaluation teams to assess the efficacy of public programs, such as the Employment Development Department’s ability to distribute unemployment benefits quickly during the pandemic. She has presented on a diverse set of findings and recommendations directly to the State’s policymakers to advocate for transparency and accountability in California’s most critical programs.

Lindsay received her MPP from UC Berkeley’s Goldman School of Public Policy, where she worked with the Center for Cities and Schools on public school facilities funding and teaching housing models, and she served on UC Berkeley’s Graduate Assembly. She also received a Master’s of Education from Loyola Marymount University, a BA in History from UC Santa Cruz, and previously taught middle school special education in Oakland.

Lindsay fancies herself a future novelist with a series of beloved fantasy novels that allow her to use her imagination and make up beautiful, wild, and magical worlds. For now, she spends most of her time reading. She only chooses places to live with large, sunny windows to accommodate a thriving indoor jungle of plants. A California native, on the weekends you can find her listening to audiobooks while she hikes different trails throughout the East Bay before grabbing a drink with some friends and opening a new book.