2023: APRIL 06 // Combining Forces: Overcoming Barriers to Jail-Based Voter Registration

Informing people in jail about their legal right to vote can increase their trust in and engagement with the electoral system.
In partnership with the Alameda County Public Defenders, who oversee the Voter Outreach Increases Community Empowerment (VOICE) program, the Possibility Lab team identified challenges in jail-based voter registration; built a community of practitioners advancing jail-based voter registration; and identified potentially promising solutions for overcoming existing challenges.

At the core of this project is the development of strong partnerships with diverse stakeholders, including advocates, community organizations, public defender’s offices, sheriff’s offices, and registrar of voters, to improve jail-based voter registration and voting processes. This collaborative approach leverages varied expertise, fosters knowledge exchange, and promotes a collective effort toward achieving the project’s objectives.

As part of this unique collaboration, a convening of practitioners, educators, academics, organizers, lawyers, and advocates in the area of jail-based voter registration was held in April to share ideas and solutions.