2023: SEPTEMBER 08 // Berkeley Public Policy Annual Conference and Alumni Gathering

On September 7-8, 2023, the Goldman School of Public Policy hosted its inaugural Berkeley Public Policy Annual Conference and Alumni Gathering. The event brought together alumni, faculty, staff, students, and public policy leaders to delve into topics such as climate change, emerging technologies, poverty, and the looming housing crisis. Discussions on the resilience of democracy—now under a magnifying glass in these tumultuous times—echoed through the halls, as participants sought actionable solutions to uphold its pillars.

The Possibility Lab’s Executive Director Professor Amy Lerman, Faculty Affiliate Professor Naomi Levy, and Research Associate Katie McAlindon presented Participatory Methods for Policymaking focused on the Lab’s collaborative work in the City of Oakland to help turn qualitative experience into quantitative metrics to inform community-based public safety policy reforms.